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Full Version: Issue 27 of The Post Hole!
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[h=5][/h]Some lovely new articles from them. Well done publication that many could learn from.

Original content, engaging themes and well presented website and article access --- just right!

Issue 27 of The Post Hole!

- 'Archaeologists, propaganda and the military: Libya's cultural heritage and the role of archaeologists in a political crisis'
- 'A possible place-sign (toponym) from Oxtotitlan Cave, Guerrero, Mexico'
- 'Can Django speak? New archaeologies of slavery'
- 'The turning of the tides: the history of Neanderthal research'
- 'Vikings at Torksey: a fieldwalking adventure of a first year archaeology student'

that's why BAjR and Past Horizons enjoy each new Posthole issue - give it a look

Regarding the Post Hole 27 article attached through the URL, I think that the expediency being discussed, requires commited funding to achieve appropriate counter considerations.

However, I do feel that the means of the definition of 'defined', requires input regarding grant body metrics, in order to assignrigour style compatibility, otherwise the argument would be a reversal of fortune in any achievement.

There are other modalities to pursue, and appropriately, given identity relevance, but this does demand a clarity in the purpose and duties of Conflict Contextualised Heritage Consultation practices.

Engaging, but you need more consultation.