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And were off again.

Aside from the initial referencing, we have the situation of how to have uncertainty management, whilst volunteering provides returns.

The issues:

Stock Turnover
Asset Turnover
Period Date deliveries

Core practice and product deliveries

An understanding of the applications of Feminist Archaeology concepts

Sector remit provision

Priority structuring justifications

Skills Export : Import derivative vitality

Contractually constrained voluntary delivery
I found the following:

It helpfully provided me with the following response:

Upstretched prompt spiel purely broadcast
Oh Bodger, I do enjoy your prose, but you are a naughty, naughty sockpuppet.

How many others share that mouth?
If your refering to parental subsidisation of upskilling? Then yes, I suppose I am working beyond my own financial base. Which, I admit is not fair in terms of competition, whilst they are old and are unlikely to allow much continuation.

Still, I disagree that this is nonsense and whilst making no sense in any form.

Personally, the problem is where upskilling is not considered a valid rationale for not being able to work all hours.
So is Bodger saying that his/her days of sponging off of the bank of Mum and Dad are running out as he/ she needs to get a job before the aged parents get fed up and pull the plug?
I think Bodger is like Batman. Some days he is millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, some days, he must wear the mask. God bless you Bodger, we can all sleep a little more soundly in our beds knowing you are up there on the virtual rooftops with your batarang dangling from your belt.

But (as is so often the case) there is a VERY good point here - wages are so appalling in this trade that parents often end up shouldering the financial slack. In effect subsidising companies with poxy wages and conditions.

Sadly my parents abandoned me in a wicker basket on the Nile, so I've nobody left to beg off.
Dont worry mr C people abandoned in wicker baskets on the Nile go on to lead their people out of bondage. You might even end up calling down the wrath of God on the oppressors. The seven plagues of Commercial unit managers now there's an interesting cartoon (wish I could draw)Smile
Quote:Dont worry mr C people abandoned in wicker baskets on the Nile go on to lead their people out of bondage.

Now I'm no expert - but I have heard - there's some out there partial to a spot of bondage.
Live and let live I say.
Bondage aside... I wouldn't still be in archaeology if I didn't have a very understanding husband with a 'proper' job and a more than decent salary. He definitely subsidises my career.
once when travelling in yugoslavia............
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