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Full Version: What are your archaeological Internet habits?
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Please could you spare ten minutes to help with Lorna Richardson's research into archaeology on the Internet by taking this survey? What are your archaeological Internet habits?

Where/how do you look for information about archaeology?

Please forward and share with anyone you think might be interested in taking part? Thanks for your help!

And when it asks for internet habits it does not mean that you little tykes!!
done it - but dont know that i think it could ever be useful way to phd
Many thanks to David for posting this here, and especially to everyone who has taken time to fill this in - much appreciated.

Thanks for your contribution too P Prentice, just to keep you posted - the main aims of this piece of research are; to get a clearer picture of what type of archaeological information online is actually useful to everyone involved in archaeology, be they professional or volunteer; work out what kind of methods and devices people are using the Internet on, and where, so websites can be optimised for mobile browsing, apps can be considered etc, if that is what the survey suggests are the main trends; look for best practice in existing web projects, and work out how these can be emulated; examine the impact of Internet access & broadband speeds on the type of social media platforms that public archaeology projects use (for example, there is little point putting lots of stuff on YouTube if lots of your audience can't stream it) and to get a clearer idea of the age distribution and affiliation of people accessing archaeology online. It may not be everyone's cup of tea in terms of PhD research, but it does have an impact on the forms and methods of dissemination of archaeology to the wider public, as well as within the profession, and hopefully this data go some way to inform people how to save time and effort, and measure successful outcomes, when creating digital projects in archaeological organisations in the future.

If anyone wants to know more, or wants to comment further, please email me:

Many thanks

ok fair enough - i was tempted to ask why you werent doing any archaeology but then i remembered that there is none left - i might even keep a look out for the results
good luck
A site with one-click-on-map-gives-complete-DBA would streamline things a bit Big Grin
Is that called
First step should be, surely?
Big Grin

Think its too late to grab the domain-names? :face-thinks:
There's plenty of available labour advertising on :face-approve:
They should group together and generate the one-click site then charge for it, bound to be cheaper to use than the current tedious alternative, might give more consistent data too....
Kel Wrote:There's plenty of available labour advertising on :face-approve:

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