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Full Version: Northamptonshire Crypt expert required
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Question - do you know anything about medieval crypt structures?!

A team of student osteo-archaeologists have an ossuary in Northamptonshire that we'd like someone to have a look at.

There's 3 of them doing an assessment of the human skeletal material inside it, and we'd like someone to see if they could figure out the phases of construction.

It's a volunteer project though (They're all doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and potential for publication!). Would you be intersted in helping? Know someone who could help?

They have arranged to go there on Saturday 19th of Jan

if you know anyone who might want to come and have a gander.

Get in touch here:

or tell me and I will pass it on.

basically... can you help to tell the pahses of a Crypt? are you free 19th January? are you near Northamptonshire?

YES? brilliant... get in touch!

They may even buy you a pint