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Full Version: Sorry about the mess!
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Yup... it has been a tough few days as I wrestled the beast into shape again..

You actually won't spot all the changes... like auto saving posts as you write... oooh! I hear you cry... no more lost posts and there is more to comes...

Anyway... I will try and recover the missing month of posts... ( sounds like a new thriller... BAJR's missing month! )

Until then...

thanks for bearing with me!

and new posts to make you excited!
Looking good! And running much more smoothly! :face-approve:
Yes - looking very good - your hard work is much appreciated Hosty.

I'd assumed that 'Dark Forces' were taking the site down in an 'Anonymous' style hack. The truth, as always, is less exciting. Good to have you back!

And the autosave facility should save me £££s in swearbox contributions :face-approve:
spell checker - thank the lord - a spell checker
Best of all it works nice on my mobile..... Hahahahha... No escape

Ps.... Linking to facebook bajr soon
Now you can link your Facebook account to the Forum.
You can also have a thread that will autoupdate... live... so no more refresh to see what is happening - you can have a live debate on a thread
What's Facebook?
oh dear oh dear oh dear...
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