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Full Version: Cornish Henge? or Causewayed Enclosure or what? PLUS mystery Disc!
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Archaeologists working at the site of the future Truro Eastern District Centre (TEDC) in Cornwall, southwest England, have discovered the fragmentary remains of a prehistoric enclosure built around 5,500 years ago.

But what I love is this little beauty! They look chuffed as well!


?A causewayed enclosure was a sizeable circular or oval area enclosed by a large bank and ditch,? said Dan Ratcliffe from the Council?s Historic Environment Service. ?These sites date to the early Neolithic ? a period which also saw the first introduction of agriculture to Britain, the domestication of animals, the manufacture of pottery, and the first appearance of large communally built and used ceremonial monuments. Both the construction of the site and the activities within and around it probably served to bring communities together.?
wow - so orkney wasnt the centre of the universe
As the find in picture 1 is clearly a draughts board, are you sure you meant chuffed and not huffed?
Quote:wow - so orkney wasnt the centre of the universe

bloody was! :face-angel:
P Prentice Wrote:wow - so orkney wasnt the centre of the universe

Nah, Rugby! :face-approve:

[Hence all the truck depots etc, even Stobarts have one there]
the only neolithic in rugby is the fashion
P Prentice Wrote:the only neolithic in rugby is the fashion

Harsh but true! :face-stir:
Was featured on tv a while back for dangerous usage of invalid carriages, if that helps this train of thought? Back in the 70s was the biggest town in Britain with no cinema (closed after Live and Let Die - topical Bond theme?), says it all really, only real excitement was being Britain's No 1 nuclear target Big Grin