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Full Version: "Crossroads of Empires" needs experienced field archaeologist
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We?re looking for an experienced field archaeologist to join the team in January and February 2013.

This is an excellent opportunity to work with an international, friendly team on an interesting site! We are looking for someone able to supervise an excavation unit and to make decisions concerning the excavation strategy ? so they need to have a high level of competency in archaeological recording (taking levels, developing detailed fieldwork record sheets, drawing plans etc).

It is expected that field notes will be of a good enough standard they can be easily adapted for publication. We are seeking someone with experience of digging in arid (ideally, Sahelian) environments and urban settlements. And whoever takes up this role must be happy to deal with fairly basic living conditions!

The project can cover all costs associated with the research, including airfare and other travel, subsistence costs while in B?nin, and visa/vaccinations prior to travel.

If you are interested, then please get in touch by posting a comment here.

We will stop looking on 16 November.

Quote:"We are a team of archaeologists, historians and anthropologists studying the Niger Valley where it borders Niger and B?nin (West Africa). We are carrying out new excavations and research to shed more light on the people that inhabited the area between about 1200 and 1850 AD."