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Full Version: History of Hattuşa?s excavation on display
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If you are about Istanbul ( well it could happen!)

Istanbul?s Yapı Kredi Cultural Center has opened a new exhibition on Hattuşa, inviting viewers to dig through the history of the past 100 years of archaeological excavations at the ancient Hittite capital in northern Turkey.

The unpublished photographs that form the backbone of the show were gathered with the aim of painting a historical, ethnographical and sociological panorama of the whole excavations process from 1906 to 2012.

The roots of the show dates back a year ago to when archaeologists and excavation heads working at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) started to scan an archive of the Hattuşa excavation. The artistic and scientific consultants of the show are DAI archaeologist J?rgen Seeher, the former excavation head at the site in Boğazk?y in ?orum, Ayşe Baykal Seeher, as well as the present excavation head, Andreas Schachner.

The exhibition features photographs drawn from German Archaeological Institute
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Do you know of images of archaeology from the past. I love these!!