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Full Version: Richard III craze sweeps the world
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Seems the world has gone Richard III crazeee!
Well done to Leicester to get this global coverage for finding some bones in a church Wink

Someone is good at creating a story.. there is a media savey person behind this. That said, they may be riding a dragon.... one that can turn around and bite. or worse get bored of constant updates. What next.... has it peaked?

All very interesting

This is the most comprehensive report: imho

But feel free to browse the rest.

oh dear. The media strikes again.

I am astonished the number of times us archaeologist are astonished to find stuff.

I thought shakespears hunchbacked Richard III was a politically-inspired parody?
Archaeoloigist finds body in graveyard shock!!!

Darlington woman behind hunt for grave of Richard III!

reminds me of the classic ( though it turns out to be false) headline

Dundee man drowns in shipping disaster: Titanic sinks
Harold II is probably the one to go after? At least he'll be properly chopped up so no probs with ID. Is there any account of how many bits Richard III was in?
At least with Harold we dont have a problem with disturbing the parking. The Diocese of Chichester have in recent years declined a faculty to allow excavation of a grave at Bosham Church, Sussex thought to be a possible burial place and there is also the grave at Waltham Abbey.
Must admit to having followed this through the media from day one and found it a very interesting way of harnassing the media and rather clever in that respect. I do think there is an example here that other excavations could follow. Who cares if it isnt Richard the III it has been a jolly good romp, in a car park Smile
errehumm. University unit digging up maniciple car park disturbing human remains. This is so doggy it stinks more than most things that happens in wales and ireland. They look like evaluation trenches, why they digging up municiple car parks?
I wonder what research questions this University excavation is answering? Perhaps: Can archaeology really come to dominate media coverage? Which member of the royal family do you have to find in order to trend on Twitter? How can archaeology make itself really interesting? Does the cult of celebrity have a time limit?

I wonder where all the talk of science and archaeology on this forum fits in? Is this just treasure hunting, where the treasure is someone famous?
I'm after the queen mother right away. You have given me an idea...!

Here is a caption competition.

best gets to hunt the royal of their choice.


CAPTION: I told you PPE had moved on Henry!
'Would you be interested in polishing my helmet?'
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