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Full Version: Ten facts about the bronze age
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Welcome assorted filth dibbers of the globe to this next instalment in our nonpareil attempt at bringing you all closer to a past which is probably better forgotten. Read this posting and I personally guarantee that your archaeological IQ will skyrocket off the top of your head and roll into a dark corner of your pantry - if you have a pantry that is - if not, you have my sympathies - and I should know because I'm a licensed archaeologist.



And all true.
Darn, found that too late, have been struggling to pad out a Bronze Age bit in a background section all afternoon (not a good thing to be doing in NE England, barrows and, errrr......) :face-crying:
damn but I love him... and his prints are not half bad either!

mine are loverly!

This one is made for archaeologists!

You're so good to me Mr. Bajr. Thanks for that. (And I do mean that without a hint of sarcasm.) Have been keeping my trap shut round here lately because I'm currently (as hard as this may seem to believe) VERY busy with work!! When I hear about the expanding demand for archaeologists over on your side of the Irish Sea Province, and look at my own current situation it makes me foolishly wonder is the recession beginning to lift?

Best not to get my hopes up - I'll probably be picking daisies out of mein arsch come November.