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Full Version: European Journal of Archaeology (three years free content! )
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European Journal of Archaeology isManey Publishing?s Journal of the Month in September 2012. We are making 3 years? worth of online content (that?s twelve issues) free to download until 15th October 2012, you can access the content on the Journal of the Month webpage:

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Other highlights include:

  • ? Video: An interview with general editor Robin Skeates
  • ? Video: Spotlight on underwater archaeology
  • ? How to get published in archaeology
  • ? The history of the EAA by Fritz L?th and Mark Pearce
  • ? Is it the oldest modern human fossil in Europe?
  • ? Flint daggers: imitation or original?
  • ? Gender archaeology: bias within the bias?
  • ? Sneak peek: forthcoming articles in EJA
  • ? Meet the reviews editors, Leonardo Garc?a Sanju?n and Estella Weiss-Krejci

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