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Full Version: Iron age artefacts conference
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[SIZE=3]Call for Papers[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]1st EIAAS: European Iron Age Artefacts Symposium:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]?Tracing the Portable Past?

The EIAAS is organised by postgraduate students of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester in collaboration with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, and will take place in Leicester on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October 2012.

The event is intended to bring together postgraduate students whose research primarily involves the study of material aspects of the European Iron Age. It will provide a friendly and supportive platform for discussion, led by experts in various fields, and a stimulating environment in which to share results, develop ideas and encourage debate about future directions in the field of Iron Age studies within a cross-boundaries context. As an interdisciplinary gathering, it is open not only to Archaeology and Ancient History students, but contributions from other fields and departments are welcome (such as Museum Studies, Engineering and Chemistry).

Key topics for discussion will be:
- supply, exchange and circulation of raw materials
- artefact production and supply
- artefact use, exchange and deposition
- typologies
- the social role of objects and theirlong-term biographies
- material analysis technologies and methodologies
- dating methods and technologies
- theoretical and practical approaches
- conservation and display of ancientartefacts
- proposals for future research

Papers should take approximately 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions, and poster presentations are also encouraged.

We welcome submission for abstracts in English of up to 300 words and at least 5 key words. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 31ST JULY, 2012. Please e-mail abstracts and any queries to Marta Fanello (