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Full Version: Calling Single Archaeologists
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Dinosaur Wrote:You think the tv people know about all the beards, beer-bellies, strangely distributed tans, wierd infirmities and nicotine staining?

I think you have the gist!! I suspect this show is likely to be aimed at humiliating an archaeologist or two at the expense of a cheap laugh......we have a similar show in Norway where they get young ladies who have never set foot outside of the concrete paradise that is the shopping centres of west Oslo or a nightclub in Costa del Plenty to go on a blind date with a country type or vice versa.....the main point of the show seems to be recording the look of disgust on the face of either party when challenged with an alternative life style.

I say that archaeologists as a persecuted minority should boycott this show...but suspect that someone will be gullible enough to grab their 15 seconds of infamy!! Meanwhile if there are any genuine single archaeologists out there who'd like to meet for tea, biscuits and a discussion on phenomenology....
Warm hearted, young (geologically speaking,) bearded archaeologist WLTM genuine (rich) member of opposite sex (who doesn't ask too may questions.) Likes beer, filth, walks in graveyards, discussions about physical ailments, work standards and flaring arguments about interpretation of data. GSOH absolutely neccessary if the relationship is to stand a snowball's chance in hell of surviving. Seeking friendship and hopefully something sordid afterwards.
. . . Must have own car and no desire for expenses.
Own trowel too! You think the young fillies will be ok smoking rollies or do you think investing in 'proper' fags would be advisable? - might even splash out on new baccy and save the tarry re-cyled dog ends for Xmas...
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