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Full Version: There's a worm at the bottom of the posthole...
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...And the good people of OPAL could probably tell you what his name is. But they?d rather you told them who you?ve seen slithering about on your freshly-cleaned surface.

Now I know there?s enough pressure on commercial sites to get the job done pronto without any extra gimmickry taking up your time and attention. But maybe on those less fruitful projects, as the eye wanders vaguely across the site, the sighting of a wee wriggly critter might briefly relieve the tedium and maybe make some ecologist?s day into the bargain.

Worms and archaeologists don?t always have an easy relationship and their terminology and distribution isn?t of much interest to most of us, I expect, me included. But as a group with particularly good opportunities for getting up close and personal with wormy habitat, we might be able to give the survey a bit of a boost. We hope other people will report their finds to us to help our research, seems like this is a chance to do the same.

Link here for anyone interested.