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Full Version: Engineer for Troll wanted
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Just been to see Prometheus in 3D. I want their kit! I want the survey kit and the dating kit! Build me that kit! Big Grin
Is there grant money available?

And what's the verdict, was the film any good?
The laser scanning flying things are quite impressive although I couldn't quite work out how they synchronised with each other and a geodesic system...especially as in general members of the exploration party did not appear to possess either a GPS system or the concept of a GPS system amongst them 'We have been wandering around for hours and we're back to where we started' said the project survey co-ordinator just before being attacked by the worms.....As for the dating system.....piffle.
Quote:As for the dating system.....piffle.
What sort of dating was that? Speed dating? Blind dating? And how do the worms fit into a steady relationship?

But the question is did you enjoy the film? Is it worth my while parting with my dineros to go see it? I loved Alien and Aliens, but after that it was a bit of a dead loss. Then they brought in Predator and it went to the dogs.
duh brain - piffle = precision investigation for felatioid logistical elements - and if you dont believe me you can ask bodger
How long till its all on TV?
Six foot two (approx.)

You should never sit too near a TV.
I thought it was rubbish.....waste of money both in the making and watching. But I saw the 2D version cos I can't handle 3d specs so it might be better if monsters are bursting out at yer!!
Greetings all!
Twas a film that managed to blend archaeology,theology, aliens, DNA, origins, space travel and other stuff into the mix. In no apparent order;

1. Made by Ridley Scott
2. It kept me out of the rain
3. Sexy archaeo-technology
4. Cool landscapes
5. Cool beasties

1. Scott totally failed to use 3D to what could have been amazing effect
2. Scott basically re-jigged the Alien trilogy plot
3. He cast characters cloned from the original Alien films
4. The film totally lacked suspense
5. Sigourney Weaver in pants wasn`t in it
6. No-one shouted "get away from her you bitch"
7. There was no yellow forklift fighty-thing
8. No caustic snot
9. Too many poor attempts at being theologically profound
10. A naff plot
11. Spacecraft was clearly made from fairy bottles and airfix paint.
12. Bloke behind me kept farting
I saw it last night and enjoyed it as an accompaniment to my popcorn. It's best to watch it as a stand-alone film - don't expect it to be a recognisable part of the Alien franchise or to enliven any existing plot threads. Just look forward to some monsters, chasing about and a bit of gore. And must-have archaeological gadgets.

I was watching it with a film effects person-turned-director who gave it 10/10 for visuals, which is good enough for me. However another friend said "It looks like they ran out of ideas before they ran out of money." Style over substance possibly.

2-D for me as I don't see in 3-D anyway. I can imagine some of those bits being pretty good in 3-D when one's visual cortex is up to it.
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