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Full Version: Persimmon Homes South Coast | Avon Fields
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Interesting - developers returning to roots, using archaeology as a benefit.
Nice to see. At the current site we're working there is a very good working relationship with the developers. They've been very sensitive to our requirements and supportive towards the community.
Sometimes it is easy to forget that not all developments are battles
Perhaps it's in part due to the growing understanding of the prerequisites between the sides... and the necessity to solve them.
perhaps its because one of their executives has a child at the local school... and yes, i'm speaking from personal experience Smile
foad, do you really want to believe this hosty? As far as I am concerned this is child abuse. Who dug the sand pit, what happened to the lawn?
The benefit to the local school children appears to outweigh any local connection. I'm aware of several 'ins' that produced a benefit to local communities. Nothing wrong with that.