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Found this in a how to survey manual on;line.... I just thought... this is made for you...


George was starting to regret buying those really itchy 1940s army fatigues for site
Chernobyl -30secs......xx(
Non caption I'm afraid, just this . . .
I claim the cost of a new monitor... as this one is now sprayed in tea... which also exploded from all cranial cavities as well... so funny!
Where's the camel?
Well spotted Dino, I was just testing you of course. Corrected here.
Hope thats not XXXXXXXXXX the camel from Pratchett or things could get odd

Interesting use of the extra hand :0
I see where the camel fits but surely Mr Reality mentions the presence of a Bishop as part of Wassocking?
Second from left. You'll know a bishop at a wassock by means of his cassock.
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