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Full Version: Sneak Peak at 2011-2012 Jobs in British Archaeology
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Newest crunching of job postings are done. If you want to see what people were making at different jobs in archaeology you can see the first bit here-

and for a detailed look at specific jobs:



field officer / project officer

Project Manager-

Junior CRM/SMR positions-

Senior CRM/SMR-



Interesting stats................says a lot about where all the money is going. I wonder what similar stats for all jobs across the UK would look like?Sad!
The traditional links between archaeology and banking still seem to be alive and well.....
these 80G+ jobs, did they go to any diggers or even ex diggers?

For a more detailed break down in pay for excavators/site assistants/Fieldwork Staff/Assistant Archaeologists etc. postitions in you thought the average pay was not inline with what you might get paid or what something more than an average
Unitof1 Wrote:these 80G+ jobs, did they go to any diggers or even ex diggers?

It does not look like it- one was for Designation Director for English Heritage- could not find much on the guy but it does not look like he ever was a digger BUT I do not know that for sure if anyone knows the man maybe they can speak for him. Another was for director of Wales for the National Trust and he was defiantly not an archaeologists. Mind you the National Trust has a very wide remit so a wind range of possible people who could get such a job e.g. nature conservation based, history (maybe), heritage based. The kicker is that the guys back ground is actually in TV. It looks like, and from my general knowledge on the subject, that the highest appointments to our top heritage bodies tend to be political based.

If anyone wants to prove me wrong. PLEASE DO SO. I would hope some of the top heritage officers had a diverse back ground in heritage.

I only looked at two of the top jobs it might be different at the 70k or 60k level

Update- looking at the LinkedIn profile of the Heritage Protection Director at English Heritage (70K a year) he was a site supervisour for the Museum of London in the early 1980's. So maybe he was also a digger at some point???
Gosh, hope for us all! - well, maybe one or two. I'm pinning my hopes on all these new mayor jobs, big salaries and no qualifications required, might even be worth buying a suit for :face-approve:
And some more detailed information on supervisors-
The Head of Designation for EH has a long and distinguished career as an architectural historian......
Some light weekend reading on pay for field/project officers-
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