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Full Version: At last... A useful Stonehenge
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short film on bouncy Stonehenge. It actually looks like a hoot.

What would you choose?

A bouncy scale model of Stonehenge, specially commissioned to mark the Olympics, has been unveiled.

It was created by Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller, who said it represented Britain's history, culture and sense of humour.

The BBC's David Sillito reports.
A scale model of a hillfort with a built in water park!...The Danebury tour in a rubber ring.

But more realistically, the 'new' stonehenge should be toured south of the border so we can all have a go. You're very lucky in Glasgow.
Great fun!

But I think he was beaten to the idea here:
How did EH fail to spot him taking the mould? And if you're not allowed to use photos of Stonehenge, how do the copyright laws apply to bouncy replicas? Looks fun though, the locals certainly seemed to regard it as a nice surprise. Would excavation equipment include a really large puncture repaire kit? Just putting in the site grid would be a bit of a nightmare....