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+10 points for trying to 'sex up' results by linking them to a well-known historical figure ('we found some pottery of a type that was in use in the 16th century, Shakespeare was also alive in the 16th century, therefore we've found Shakespeare's chamberp
100 points for referencing Cope, J. Modern Antiquarian (not tried it myself yet)
10 points - Cromarty Forth Tyne Dogger.
Excellent, have added those to the 'words to work into a report without the management spotting it' list (frustum's still my best), although might be tricky finding name matches in North Yorkshire........ :face-thinks:
1500 point for saying something dates to "Biblical times" instead of Roman. 10000 for claiming to find any kind of boat on Mount Ararat.
Harsh! But fair. When editing Past Horizons... Biblical Times is always always removed. I have no idea what it even means ? From 6006 years ago to the present? From Adam onwards?
Surely Biblical Times started when someone wrote the first bible? Simple really, bit like the Iron Age starting when they first got iron. Where does it fit into the Three Age system do you think? Shouldn't someone get some C14 dates on it, then we can all get famous (and hate mail).... Cool
....or maybe it should start from the point where they started leaving them in hotel rooms?
+10 each for references to dowsing, leylines or the work of Graham Hancock (+20 if the Hancock reference is in Harvard format).

+50 for stating that two archaeological features are aligned with each other.
10 points - to Gryffindor - and rising slowly . . .
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