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Full Version: A new member joins in, grin.....Hello.
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I have lurked here for years, I have probably worked with many of you.
(I know I have worked with a few of you !).

Anyway, just thought I might as well join so I can actually read some of the links that are not avaliable to non-members.

I would like to join in with some of the banter...not sure that I dare though? Ha!

Recently I have been interested in the discussion about internships.

The thread about the Carlisle "Roman" Helmet...well...Discussion about Metal-Detecting is always of interest. Surely the Scottish have a better system inregard to "Treasure" than the English and Welsh..?

The (now closed) thread.."John Normark fights against Cranks" was a laugh because I don't own a TV and have no access to Soap Operas.

Oh...and there was a mention here somewhere about drivers.........

...."Oi, Potboiler, stop typing shite and start the bloody mini-bus up, we are all tired and need to have 3 hours kip..."

....Potboiler starts up the mini-bus.....all he can hear is farts and snores.........ZZzzzzzzz.

....Potboiler wedges he's eyes open with matches and sings "were all going on a summer holiday".

....No one replies.
You are going to fit in well here... lurk no more and see what madness you can join in!

Oi PB ya sure it's not bunny?
Nope....Pb is lead. Rolleyes
Bunnies destroy barrows (Ive only ever dug one, and im (hopping) hoping I didn't destroy it.

Wot kinda barrows u using, lettuce? Steel ones here seem to have always been bunny-proof apart from them jamming the wheel occasionally
The wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead.
Should probably have fitted longer pedals or a chain-guard? xx(