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Full Version: Books for sale
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Sadly I am bowing out of archaeology as a profession and am selling my books. Based in london and am also willing to post them.

alexander the great- hammond
roman empire- wells
folk housing in middle virginia- glassie
elusive treasure- fagan
construction of hadrians wall- hill
research on hadrians wall- birley
interpreting the landscape- aston
archaeology- an introduction- greene
handbook to roman wall- breeze
archaeology course book- grant, sam, fleming
housesteads- crow
pottery in roman britain- de la bedoyere
early greece- murray
annals of imperial rome- tacitus
greeks overseas- boardman
roman world- goodman
greek world- hornblower
roman frontier in britain- shotter
archaeology of britain- hunter+ ralston
archaeology is rubbish- robinson+ aston
classical art- beard and henderson
field archaeology- drewett
historical archaeology- orser
revealing buried past (geophys) Gater+ aston

Message if interested-