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Full Version: Come my pretty into the dark world of POST EXCAVATION TAROT !
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Want to learn all about this dark art?
The Bourke-Hayden Deck is presently the most popular available - named after it's doughty developers Mr. Ed Bourke (currently working as a kitchen porter for The Brothel of Public Works) and Alan Hayden (last seen marching into battle brandishing a pork sausage during the Abyssinian Chutney Wars - God Speed Alan, we're missing you already!)
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Must be a slow day for news in archaeology if you're posting this filth up!
Want one! It will go with my other essential project management tools - a crystal ball and a ouija board!
deadlylampshade Wrote:Want one! It will go with my other essential project management tools - a crytal ball and a ouija board!

I think I read an article about those last year... or was it Crystal Bells?
Ooo-er....where do I send the check for your editorial servies?:face-approve:
Ouija boards don't work, I knew a guy in Wexford who tried to develop one solely for use in archaeology - he lost a arm - trowels in circles now.
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:Ouija boards don't work

Drink a couple of bottles of spirits then try automatic writing. Talking of spirts I have managed to take some fantastic pictures of spirit orbs today. ( absolutely nothing to do with the flash bouncing off powder snowWink)
Do the half-used packs of cards keep piling up on one's desk in the same way that old projects do, or is one actually given the chance to complete a reading before the next urgent one gets in the way?
Yes the decks do pile up, but they are MUCH smaller than traditional reports, and as I have explained, they give you carte blanche to burn your archive, so in the heel of the hunt, when all is said and done, after the fat lady has sung and the chickens have all come home to roost - tarot is the way to go.
How about Ghost writting much cheaper, no archive needed and just a smear of two of ectoplasm left behind?
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