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Full Version: Hope Cross capstone stolen on route from Sheffield to Edale
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From Sheffield Forum

Since 1984 the Cross has been a Grade II listed building in the care of the National Trust. The inscription on the top of the shaft says 1737, so it?s assumed to be over 270 years old.

Sadly, at some time since Christmas 2011 the capstone has disappeared. Stolen seems an odd word to apply, so maybe it?s best to say it?s just missing. See the following 4 pictures to see it in it?s fullest context;

In 1737 the site was at the junction of pack horse routes from Sheffield to Edale, and from Hope to Glossop ? the latter following the course of an older Roman road from Brough.

The National Trust know the capstone was in place just before Christmas. It was missing by the first week in January. A search nearby has found no trace. It?s unlikely it could have fallen off and it?s probably too heavy to have been moved very far without mechanical help. If it has, a 4x4 would have been required.

The National Trust are beyond cross about this! They would like it back, please, in good condition. No questions will be asked.

No doubt some person or persons unknown have removed it as a prank. It has no value out of context.

If anyone has any knowledge of it?s whereabouts please could they contact the National Trust asap on 01433 670368 and leave a message for Myles Brazil, warden, or email; A map reference is all that?s required and it will be picked up.
Is nothing sacred? Sad!