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Full Version: Sussex - need 200 more signatures.
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Please help us save archaeology at Sussex University, if you haven't already signed the petition please do so now, it will only take a moment many thanks:

Please pass on the request etc-over 1800 signatures so far ( we need at least 2,000)
Petition Community Engagement at Sussex
This is petition for Community Engagement at Sussex. Join the movement! Sign now!

Note... although at the end of the petition is says donate... you don't have to.
Please do sign the petition. I have taken several archaeology short courses at the CCE University of Sussex that have helped to develop my skills. If the CCE department is closed then I'm not sure where I'll go to get my fix of illustration, planning, vernacular building recording or photography on site courses...

Sussex is an area with a lot of archaeology, it would be a great shame to be without a centre that offers such brilliant CPD courses that co-exist with the heritage.

It's not just the archaeology that is under threat, CCE have a range of history, art and english courses too.

The donation part of the ipetition has nothing to do with the CCE department, but the website that hosts the petition software.
Only 125 more... come on peeps!
I have no problems with the campaign but just a question on the petition. Why 2000 signatures? is this just a round figure or does achieving the target trigger some other process?
Supporters of CCE are asking for 2000 but the more the better and 2000+ sounds good when writing to MP's to show how much support has been gathered.

I'm only a loyal supporter though, so if you have queries please contact David Rudling at the University of Sussex.
Won't let me sign without paying....GRRRRR !
It's a while since I signed it and I do remember having to negotiate a few payment requests, but I got 'round it somehow.........
Signed it x how are you doing on numbers now?
At 1906 so another 94 to meet the minimum target.
I do dislike the payment thing, as it looks like you have to pay to sign.... but just look around for the small print that will say continue or complete...
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