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Full Version: 11 open access archaeology resources you may have missed
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In case you missed it here are 11 open access archaeology resources you may have missed-


?The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology also publishes Expedition (ISSN 0014-4738), a full-color peer-reviewed magazine that offers direct access to the latest findings of archaeologists and anthropologists around the world.? Website.
[B]Florida Anthropologist

The Florida Anthropologist is the quarterly journal of the Florida Anthropological Society, and was first published in May 1948. One of its principle publishing interests is Pre-Columbian societies. But, articles also document colonial establishments and colonization of Florida, early modern Florida, etc. Website.

Fragments will provide a forum for dialogue and exchange between scholars in all fields of the humanities and social sciences who study the premodern world. Website.

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Here is a new interesting development. read only journals from JSTOR. pay to download. free to read.
yes, been watching it. Would be great if they expand it, right now only one archaeology journal.
Keep watching, keep hoping!