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Full Version: Identifying and recording clay tobacco pipes
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Tutor: Jacqui Pearce, BA FSA MIFA

Saturday 17 March 2012 or Saturday 21 April 2012

The LAARC holds thousands of clay tobacco pipes, representing dozens of London makers and enabling us to trace the evolution of this commonplace artefact from before 1600 until after 1850. We are currently creating a new reference collection, initially comprising over 500 individual pipes, which will be completed in March 2012 and used for the first time during these two study days.

There will be a strong emphasis on practical activities, handling and studying the original artefacts, and so we are restricting the number of participants on each day to just 12. The sessions will include:

? Introduction and overview of tobacco pipes in London, c. 1600-1850
? Makers and makers? marks
? Decorated pipes
? Archaeological assemblages: pipes in association with other artefacts
? Recording pipes individually and in groups

Course cost: ?60, including:

? All tutorial expenses and access to on-line resources following the course
? Tea/coffee (morning and afternoon)
? Lunch

Next steps

? To book, please contact the Museum of London Box Office (tel: 020 7001 9844)
? To discuss the content of the course, please contact (preferably by e-mail) Francis Grew (; telephone 020 7566 9317) or Jacqui Pearce (; telephone: 020 7566 9325)

About the Archive and Research Centre:
Opportunity for you to start selling sets of imperial drillbits? (if so, I'm after some, the right sizes are amazingly rare at car-boot sales)
Not half... some workmen asked if they could borrow some of mine. and took most of them!
Lost mine years ago...but if I go raid my ol' dads shed.....
Just to highlight the webpages that set out some of the excellent recent work done on London pipes, especially makers' stamps, by MoLA.
Boxoffrogs Wrote:Lost mine years ago...but if I go raid my ol' dads shed.....

Maybe the EU will make us go metric on pipe-bore numbers eventually :face-crying: