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Full Version: Trainee PO = Supervisor?
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I know its not a huge amount under but surely the L_P trainee PO job should be at 16,137min as is blatantly a supervisor level post.
I am sure David will reply in due course.

What is on offer is a job which will train a digger to be a project officer at a salary which is above the highest recommended amount for a digger.

This is not a supervisory post but will involve supervision. So here we have a rare job with a structured career progression on not bad money.


Well done Lawson Price

Dr Peter Wardle

Indeed this is a supervisor.. and the advert clearly states it is for a person with G3 experience who is ready to step up to G4... it falls nicely into what will be the 'new' G3/4 grade. The names have always been a problem, which is why it is best to look at what is required. The person is ready to become a G4.. but needs to have help to step up... this is all in the Document sent to every contractor lokoing at the changes happening in April.

It was heartening to see someone putting this into practice... As Dr W says..
"we have a rare job with a structured career progression on not bad money."

16137 is for a Full supervisor.. but this is a training post.. so is actually over the 'new recomendation of £15459 (from April this rises to between 15923 - 16232 )

I have to confess I was waiting for comments on this...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Seems an excellent development to me. A bit like the schemes which operate extensively in the better parts of the retail trade to allow you to learn the trade rapidly within an environment tailored to progression.

but then I'm forgetting that no-one is now allowed to admit that they need to learn some more or be trained, or show some ambition by being willing to step up and take on responsibility, and maybe understand that getting through a degree course is not quite enough?

Great to see this kind of advert posted, and a well established company showing a commitment to training. Tough market to get into, Cambridgeshire, but I suppose if they're hiring they must know what they're doing. I'll have a crack at it!
Not bad money. Ho Ho Ho! Where is this not bad money? In a country long time ago when a pint cost 50p and a house could be bought for 25K. Trying renting a house, paying bills and running a car on that (oh and I forgot my private pension)
Youre right its not bad money its ****e
Mna ... That is some opinion...

so as a digger .. about to be trained to be a full supervisor what would you expect to be paid?

Ah hold on here... we have a digger on 16k .. and getting training.. hmm.... looks pretty bleedin good to me... a credit to a new way forward.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Plus, its then only a short step to being a consultant and £800 a day![8D]