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Full Version: BAJR Archaeologist of the Year 2011
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Well Here it is...

A short list for the BAJR archaeologist of the year

In at 1. and representing the Unknown digger is the Diggers Forum ( you walked into that one Chiz)
A surprise for you all at no. 2. is the Entire fieldwork staff of Wessex for work above and beyond the call of duty.
and number three, - it may be a traditional entry, but it must (geddit) be Kerry Murrell of Cambridge Archaeological Unit for her determination and ability at the Must Farm Site.
One last entry, who just has to be there is Dino. more to see if he can rouse his troops to action

So come on... get voting, get campaigning and make your choice!

You have until the 20th January 2012 so get voting
Congratulations on not making the same mistake as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and CA in putting forward a male only shortlist. But can I offer a late entrant - Dr Alice Roberts. Presenting yet another successful popular but informed series The Origin of Us and shattering the strereotypical image of archaeologists with a bout of skinny dipping in Wild Swimming. Surely such a call beyond duty merits appreciation........:face-angel:
OOps, clicked the wrong box, could someone else click mine for me to keep PP happy please? }Smile

- as an aside, have just discovered the wierd coincidence that the TBM for all 4 bits of fieldwork I've done this year has each been at 50.something mOD (three at 57ish) - conspiracy theory, anyone, or has the world drooped? Not like its flat oop north or anything..... :face-huh:
Gosh, up to 3 votes, means I've got 2 unknown admirers :face-approve:

Any clarification as to what extra horrors Wessex diggers have had to put up with this years as opposed to diggers at other outfits? - which of course, with workforce mobility, means much the same people.....

everyone else (me anyway) has had to put up with the usual; needing crampons to get from the cabin to the site/wasp stings/builders with angle grinders setting my records on fire/being bombarded by high velocity wind-blown rabbit droppings and assorted tools/other weather/s***e pay/the terrors of being driven to site by people who should never have passed their test/assorted injuries, aches and pains and hangovers/the perennial colds etc that diggers seem to pass amongst themselves/fill in your own favourites

Surely if you're inclined to a 'general' non-specific vote, the 'Unknown Digger' has to be a better option than helping Wessex's PR campaign?
Only one way to do that... and vote for the Unknown Digger.

That and the entry put in for them. Others could have but did not Smile still will be interesting to see the end result. It is after all more fun.

My vote actually goes to Kerry for her work at Must Farm. - there... said it! and she can share the prize with the diggers... OR ELSE!

As stated anyone could have nominated and contrary to what you think Dino nominating the wessex fieldstaff is diddly squat to do with any pr campaign and EVERYTHING to do with the same crap they have endured as you, so elequently stated in your post, and wanting to give them a little recognition for sticking with it in truely tough times. To that end ALL field staff in archaeology should get a nomination but as you can only vouch for the ones you know thats why the folks at Wessex.
Why only Wessex.......we have all worked above and beyond the call of duty this year.....and lots of us taken MASSIVE pay cuts !!!
Rather my point :face-approve:
Maybe next year restrict this to individuals, or what's the point? - might as well just award ourselves trophies all round.....:face-thinks:
Ah... there is an idea...
Not that I am being ironic Wink

There may be method to my madness

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