BAJR Federation Archaeology

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Yes it is your next tip for looking good on site.

The fabulous Cartoon Reality pen has been hard at work, Enjoy.

CoolLove the 'Long Barrow'!Big Grin
This guy is a genius!!
This guy is dreadful he needs to be stopped now!!
Are fluffy dice an object of mockery these days? -oops :face-crying:
I think - among the cognoscenti - they're actually back in vogue - along with wearing socks and sandals, smoking pipes and (of course) peering mystically into the distance and nodding sagely when asked a question you don't have an answer for.
My fluffy dice is dirty, how do I get the dust of centuries out of the fluff?
Make sure you next 'new' car comes with 'new' fluffy dice? - I always check the go-faster stripes for excessive touching-up too }Smile
Can't see any sawn-off broom handles stuck in any of the exhibited barrows for added leverage and splinters, and none of the front-ends seem to have been bashed-in with the butt of a mattock to improve wheel-clearance on clay sites either.....or are these models in 'showroom' condition?
Well spotted, they are indeed in showroom condition. Other showroom models included the Ben Hur - with spikes extending from the axle (useful when being overtaken,) and Steve Jobs even developed an ibarrow which emailed the muck to the spoilheap.
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