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Full Version: constitute an archaeological police force
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we all agree that the industry requires standards and most of us agree to follow the ifa's, even if some of us, and even some ro's, very apparently dont.
clearly the mounties are under resourced and often under qualified to police their own stated standards, because if it were otherwise these pages wouldn't be full of people itching to grass up their nearest ro or other poor employer (etc).
just like builders cant be trusted to build anything without being policed by the local authority (building control department), archaeologists cant be trusted either.
i propose that the ifa constitute an archaeological monitoring (police) service with the authority to spot check every single commercial and non commercial project to make sure that the standards are being adhered to. this service would require its operatives to have considerable experience, both in fieldwork and post ex etc. they would be experts in a local area and be on call at the contractors expense. with the curators brief in one hand and the contractors wsi in the other, these experts would make sure everything that should be done is done and everything that isnt done is reported to the curator.
these police archaeologists could spend considerable time on complicated sites rather than the odd visit the mounties currently perform and they could also monitor the px process to make sure reports get written in a timely fashion

this would be a great job for old lags too stiff and decrepid to keep digging - both because they know all the tricks of the trade and because their pensions will be shite

so who's with me?
No one will be able to agree who is suitably qualified and trustworthy enoght to take part and anyway, Eric Pickles and Alan Melton will shortly arrive to shoot you for proposing another barier to economic growth.

I wholeheartedly agree with PP and have often said before that the curatorial force (hee hee!) should be more akin to Builing Control than Planning Officers. A pipe dream however, I can't ever see sufficient resources being allocated - I fear we may struggle to see ANY resources in the near future! But it would be nice - I have long thought it is the key.

To pursue the analogy, Building Control only has jurisdiction over what is covered by the Building Regulations, whic essentially means what has to be there has to be there, and of the right size.... if you see what I mean. "Quality" as such is not in their remit, nor is anything not covered by Bldg Regs - this is a contractual matter which will be administered by the architect - which equates to our friends the consultants.
So you want to constitute a IfA police force to do the job that local curators already do? OK that's not a quick way of endangering local Historic Environment Services is it? It sounds like you've been convinced by the Big Society idea :face-stir:
Oh sorry, I've just re-read PP's post properly (I am supposed to be working...) I had thought the gist was to beef up a proper curatorial sector, which is what I meant, not an IfA police force. That would, IMHO, be quite inappropriate.

Slinks back to work...
Why would IFA be any better at policing the whole industry than they are currently at policing their own RO bit of it? Show they can do the smaller job before giving them a larger task! And why should it be IFA anyway? Wouldn't an organisation with less vested interest in commercial archaeology like the CBA be a better choice? :face-stir:

Like the 'jobs for old lags' theme though, sign me up :face-approve:
I am with the Invisible Man. Beef up the curatorial service make a position for a monitoring officer, employ old lags like Dinosaur. And have fines that mean something. Not blooming likely under the current Gov. We need legislation that protect heritage assets and gives a nation wide priority to identfying and recording them. Statutory H.E.Rs in a every county:face-approve: All monitored by a Government funded independent body, English Heritage with teeth (and a proper understanding of all aspects of archaeology)

Got to have a dream else how do I cope with the current nightmare
A possible mad idea in this vein is that every report is given a quick look over by another contractor, as well as the county, in a sort of active peer review. This does happen anyway in some cases in terms of project monitoring by an outside consultant (doesn't it, or did I imagine that?) but if it happened from top to bottom it might make everyone pull their socks up. Of course, archaeologists being the contrary f***ers they are it would just result in a squabble over every last missed full stop!
i think the police force would take the pressure of the curatorial services who would still be issuing briefs and ensuring policy. it would complement not endanger you.
when everybody is ro and everybody contributes to the cost, everybody will be monitored and everybody will be on a level playing field.
whats the problem?
This Heritage Police would be best placed as part of the Curatorial service. with a book of planning regs in one hand and the IfA Standards and Guidance in the other. And time served.. but with no connection to local units Wink

I see what PP did, and twas clever... If everyone was an RO then everyone would contribute to making sure they were banged to rights ... just like they... er... do just now? Swoon with horror as another RO is taken apart for poor work/dodgy employment practice and er.. um... oh...

The principal is a good one, don't get me wrong, I like it. But I would prefer to see the independent curatorials having the resources to police rather than an internal inspector (oooer) who may just come up with phrases like.... I think my company is guilty, Am I? No... Great"... Case dismissed

anyway... this is a good positive thread at the mo... so plough on!

Quote:I am with the Invisible Man. Beef up the curatorial service make a position for a monitoring officer, employ old lags like Dinosaur.

This time the company knew it had crossed the line...
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