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Full Version: Planning figures are two decades old
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Planning figures are two decades old

Claims by the Government that planning delays are costing the economy billions of pounds every year are based on figures that are nearly two decades old.

Chancellor George Osborne has justified controversial changes to planning rules by saying that planning delays cost the UK ?3 billion a year.

However, it has emerged that the ?3 billion figure is based on an estimate by the Confederation of British Industry in 1992.

Yesterday MPs on the communities and local government committee said the figure was a ?fiction?.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) distils 1,300 pages of planning guidance into as few as 52 and writes into planning rules a ?presumption in favour of sustainable development?, without defining what it means.

Groups including the National Trust are concerned that the plans could give developers the right to build across large parts of rural England. The Daily Telegraph has launched a campaign calling for the changes to be revisited.

The Telegraph is on the case Smile

Good and very relevant find!
Anyone care to enlighten us on exactly what constitutes' 'sustainable development'' ???????????????????????
monty Wrote:Anyone care to enlighten us on exactly what constitutes' 'sustainable development'' ???????????????????????
"Development to meet the needs of today without compromising those of the future" or something along those lines, so woolly as to be meaningless