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Full Version: Hot weather safety clothing
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Once worked with a bizarre couple who worked by the bloke digging and his girlfriend standing over him with a small sun umbrella! The supervisor was dumbstruck but it was entertaining to watch - didnt get much work done mind...Big Grin
December 27, 2010, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom,

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(I wonder which part of ask me before putting up adverts for Health care uniforms veritas does not understand?)
Whatever happened to the Good Old Days when the site director went and fetched the ice-creams?
Hot weather safety gear? A loud alarm clock so you can get to site by 6am, lots and lots of water, a hat and a director with realistic expectations.
6am start!!!! - one way of getting the diggers screaming about unionisation I suppose...:face-stir:
Finished by 1pm though so it's still roughly a 37 hour week. Otherwise, as a union member, I couldn't possibly work in such conditions.Wink
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