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Full Version: JOIN !!! to make a Special Interest Group
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As my interest in archaeology is no longer `professional' in the sense of paid employment, I was thinking about forming a suitable Special Interest Group to look at the issues that affect leisure-time archaeologists, in a constructive and level headed manner.

Under the terms of the IFA by-laws I cannot apply to the Council to form such a group until certain criteria have been met, I need the names of at least 15 members (of whatever class) to express an interest and five of these must also provide addresses and be willing to act as a provisional organising committee, and three corporate members to act as Honorary Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.

As a soon to be born again corporate member (PIFA) and the fool who came up with the idea, I am putting myself forward as candidate for acting Honorary Chair in the first instance.

Anyone else care to put his or her names into the frame?

Paid archaeologists are equally welcome to become involved 8-)


Jeff Morris

Just 7 more people are needed to sign up, to achieve the first requirement in forming the Avocational Archaeology SIG within the IFA.

If you care about archaeology then please join us, be one of the original 15 and maybe one day you can say I was one of the pioneers, I helped things to change for the better.

I realise that some people out there may not be in the IFA but if you care about the issues we are raising then please email me at

All posts have so far mentioned the need for IFA membership, but what I
think we have thus far failed to clarify is that the IFA rules for the
formation of groups is that you are allowed to be a member of WHATEVER
class. Only the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer have to be corporate

The IFA has two grades of non-corporate membership Student and Affiliate, for further details visit the IFA website at

If like me you have an active avocational interest in archaeology, then this is the way for us to have a voice within the IFA.

to show your support.

AND yes.... BAJR has joined...!

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I believe that the CIA is still up and running, ploughing their own furrow as only independents can. Perhaps a team-up might prove fruitful.

(That's the Council for Independent Archaeologists, not their more contentious namesakes).

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