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Full Version: Forensic Archaeology at University of London day courses
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New Archaeology Study Days at University of London. (Lists closing shortly)

Excavating Tombs & Graves in Ancient Egypt : Saturday 22 October 2011


A study day presented by JOYCE FILER BA; Dip.Arch; M.Sc; M.Sc (formerly Curator of Human & Animal Remains, Dept. of Ancient Egypt & Sudan, British Museum, London)

Saturday 22 October 2011: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm at: University of London, Hughes-Parry Hall, Garden Halls, 19 - 26 Cartwright Gardens, London WC1H 9EF

Many people believe there cannot possibly be any more ancient tombs to be found in Egypt. Would you be surprised to learn that this is not true? There really are many more tombs, graves and mummies waiting to be discovered! If you are interested in Egyptian archaeology and want to find out .... How we know where to find burials in Egypt? How we excavate and record them? What techniques are used to examine burials? What happens to the mummies and objects we find? then this introductory and fun study day will answer these questions ........ and more! You can also test your knowledge in a fun practical session!

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Phone: 07973 695 168

Forensic Aspects of Archaeology : Saturday 26 November 2011

A Study Day presented by Joyce Filer BA; Dip. Arch; M.Sc; M.Sc (formerly Curator of Human & Animal Remains, Dept. Ancient Egypt & Sudan, British Museum, London)

Saturday 26 November 2011: 11 am - 5 pm at: University of London, Hughes-Parry Hall (Garden Halls), 19-26 Cartwright Gardens, London, WC1H 9EF

Find out about the life and death of people from ancient times and places: Britain and Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. By examining human remains we can learn: - who is male, who is female - what people ate & the diseases they had - how long a person lived & possibly how they died - what they looked like in life By examining burials we can find out about people's religious beliefs and how they were prepared for their final journey Join us on this fascinating study day and YOU will learn how to do these biological examinations yourself AND test your skills in a hands-on practical session Joyce has undertaken many cemetery excavations in Britain, Egypt and Sudan and has studied human and animal remains from a variety of historical cultures, including CT scanning and forensic examinations. She is an acknowledged world-expert on skeletal and mummified remains and has made many tv appearances. Joyce has written widely on aspects of examining biological remains

Phone: 07973 695 168
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