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Has anyone seen the recent pieces in the Guardian about the extortionate amounts charged for access to academic papers? Anyone frustrated by the lack of a decent local library and the prospect of paying a massive amount to access an online version will understand.
Cutting Trident and ending UK 'humanitarian' bombing could fund so much....Sad
Personally, I am lucky in having access to most subscription based journals through my university, but Red Earth (and the Guardian) have highlighted a problem that must be a serious financial drag for those less fortunate than myself.

I have always hoped that the Archaeological Data Service might expand into this area and offer access to relevant journals, but I hear that service itself is under financial seems to me that would be the perfect location for an open-source archaeological journal service...
GnomeKing Wrote:Cutting Trident and ending UK 'humanitarian' bombing could fund so much....Sad

But it won't. All monies saved would e spent on 'the deficit' while millionaire Osborne keeps telling us that we're all in it together.
P Prentice Wrote:

Interesting link, but is there anything archaeology or heritage related on there?

Kevin - it does present a massive gap between the haves (access to basically everything for free) and the have-nots (access to nothing unless you pay through the nose). So much for the advancement of understanding!
We pay an extortionate fee every year to a local university for access to their library, for which we get treated like s**t, undergrads have double the borrowing allowance, and we are not allowed any access to their e-resources which includes any digital journals etc - even more worryingly, whole shelves of favourite paper journals keep disappearing as digital versions become available (and no one ever thinks of costing access to such things into projects, often because it's often difficult before digging a site to know what will require researching to write the report....)...wonder what happens to the originals considering they then also totally disappear off the library catalogues too.....nothing like having to work with ever-decreasing resources.....
I see your point Sith : however the deficit is also a huge fraud, 'designed' to to make even fewer Haves and a lot more Have Nots.

banks and stock markets need to fail : the system can only be fixed once it is broken....The Resistance must continue and Step Up...maybe then we can re-build the kind of society we all see to want...we certainly wont get it if we don't resist the myriad aspects of this Corrupt & Corporate society.

(Italy General Strike) (2/10/11, 8/10/11)
Unfortunately, the society 'we' all seem to want is based on a lowest common denominator model, eg: 'My employer p*ssed my penion up the wall so why should you have one?' etc. I don't think we're going to end up with a fair deal for everyone, just a fair share of sweet fa for everyone.
This is of help only to archaeologists working in Wales but the national museum in Cardiff has a free library which is open to the public if you make an appointment. It holds copies of most publications that relate to in part or full the archaeology of Wales. This includes a full collection of Arch Cambrensis, Morganwg, I think PPS and many other journals. You cant take the books out but they will photocopy what you need for 10p a sheet
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