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Full Version: Experimental Archaeology - Any Ideas??
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all good stuff
So what we should really do is get together a wish-list of things-to-do-with-posts and write a research-design as a template/tick-list for the next time such an opportunity comes up? :face-approve:

Actually it's Friday night, I'm knackered and can't decide whether to reach for the soap or the wine first - will mull it over while potwashing tomorrow....
and don't forget to look into previous research so you don't make the same mistakes in research design but your results are comparable. That would be nice!
Mark Butler, Chair of says:

After thinking about this some, basically I would suggest developing an educational program that may look something like this:

  1. Create a “known” archaeological based scenario that requires the recognition of an unresolved problem.
  2. This “site” posses an element(s) that will require one or more reconstructive experiment(s) to resolve.
  3. Develop a testable hypothesis(s) that would resolve the conundrum
  4. Test the hypothesis via experimentation.
  5. Record the experiment thoroughly and postulate additional research possibilities
I would choose something that the students would be able to accomplish in the time allowed… but nothing that would require accumulated physical experience/skills in order to test (such as metallurgy, flintknapping, etc). Several scenarios come to mind such as certain construction elements that could be done on a small scale to extrapolate data from.
Questions for the students to ask such as: how do you think it looked?; how do you think it was constructed?; how would you design an experiment to test these theories?; would be part of the class experience
Models can be constructed out of many things such as foam core; cardboard; etc.
Hope this helps you a little.
Yes, let's recreate Thermopylae in Croydon.
....yeah...foam core...
archaeomike Wrote:Yes, let's recreate Thermopylae in Croydon.

The Aegean, cliffs, mountains and hot springs might present a bit of a challenge to the students? And wasn't it a big stone wall Leonidas et al were cowering behind (mysteriously missed out in 300, although seen briefly in the 'proper' (but equally camp) 1960s film) - what's that got to do with experimental archaeology on posts? }Smile
back to the original question - what did you finally plan and do?
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