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Full Version: What is Roman post period 9?
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Hello I was reading a book about Roman pottery and I came across this Romanpot period 9 can someone tell me what it means as I have looked just about everywhereto find the answer. Is it to do with Flavian Dynasty or a ruler of this particulartime?

Many thanks as always

so you was reading a book about Roman pottery was it written by somebody from the 12 century? and then fortuanatly translated in the 14th just before it was burnt in the 15th -possibly

when you say 9 is that the german pronouciation

Many thanks as always

No idea. But sounds like a typological or stratigraphical grouping? May not be linked to an actual date range.
what's the book?
are you sure you dont mean post roman period 9?
Could you let us know the book, or wheter it relates to a particular city, area of country. I'd be more than happy to help you on all things Roman pot related in Britain (you can pm me if you wish).