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Full Version: 3 places available on Field Training project
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, a family had to pull out of an upcoming field training school there are now three places available on White Castle Project, excavating a hillfort and surveying a second, just outside Edinburgh from 25th July to 5th August...

Costs are ?550 which covers all your accommodation, food and transport to and from site

Open to anyone over 18 with any level of experience, please contact murray cook at for further details!

Among the skills beitg taught are landscape Survey, Total Station topographic work, onsite draughting and illustration and basic site photography as well as full excavation training. You will also be part of the team that conducts erosion surveys of these hillforts to continue to update the management and protection of these monuments.
That sounds really good for that money!

-sadly don't think the bosses would be too happy if I abandoned my site to go have fun and learn stuff :face-crying:
I will post it on our Norwegian forum David. Who knows maybe someone will bite......