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Full Version: Behind the scences at Digging for Britain
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[url=][/url]Enjoy a glimpse./ can't wait. and that is with my own foray as a presenter in another TV series. - this is way!!!!! better ! Smile

Think I'd rather watch the behind the scenes bits than the programmes.:face-stir:

Do we find out who the volunteers are in the programme do you think? Is this going to show case "accessible" archaeology and have us diggers on the side lines watching volunteers "do" our job for free?:face-huh:

Quote:CAU offered a limited number of places for local people to join an excavation at Willingham Mere

Mix of professionals and some volunteers. Local people, their history.
[SIZE=3]Archaeologists from Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) of the University of Cambridge have been excavating sites ahead of Hanson's Needingworth Quarry workings.

Shouldn’t they be called CAUUC or CU. You can bet that they don’t pay VAT or corporation whatisit -a bit like bono. Nice to hear that they gave a talk about the last thirty years ..any mention of a site report? are any of the finds on the front of any museum mantal! you sure that this is not some kind of watching brief. Any palaeolithic stuff about on site?

Quote:[SIZE=3]The work at Willingham Mere is funded by a Knowledge Transfer grant from the University of Cambridge and with the support of Hanson, RSPB and A.G Wright & Son (Farms) Ltd.

what for the last thirty years. Is this site near chatteris and the funny councillor person whos name I wont remeber?