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Full Version: Advice on reporting found object of possible historical value
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Sorry about the winded title.

I found a stone on snowdownia some years back, and it has an inscription on it - and having done some research, it might be an old form of the Irish language.

Can anyone advice on how I would attempt to prove this; I suppose through some relevant institution.

Any links or tips would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Could you post some photos, please.

I would recommend contacting George Nash and sending him a photo.

His email address is

Please let us know what he thinks.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply and for advice. Can I ask, this is George Nash? :

Thanks again


I can see from the emails that it is! {:}

You could also try Dr Nancy Edwards at Bangor university in North Wales she heads up the A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculpture in Wales project and has published two vols about stone sculpture in Wales and is currently in the process of publishing the third vol which covers North Wales. She is also the chair the National Committee for the recording and protection of early medieval inscribed stones and stone sculpture in Wales.

If i remember my uni days i think she is also an expert in Ogham script so she could prob tell you if it's real or not based on photo

Her e-mails and good luck
This is not intended to contradict the above post but these people should also be contacted:

Mark Lodwick - he runs the Welsh portable antiquities scheme and is based at Cardiff museum - this scheme aims to record all archaeological items over 300 years old (and selected more recent finds) found in Wales and is not only concerned with metal artefacts.

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust HER would probably be interested in recording the find spot

And as an aside the Margam stone museum (CADW owned I think) would be a great place to contact for more info

and lastly Snowdon Parks authority has its own archaeologist - John Roberts and I would have though he would also have an interest
(when do we get to see it?) Big Grin
ditto. would be good to have a gander. we seem to be doing well with identification just now and as ever the portable antiqquities scheme is a good start
...and ever better Unit doesn't seem to be interested in these types of threads }Smile