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Full Version: 50 Years of Archaeology at Glasgow University
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Wednesday 20th April 2011
Professor's Square
University of Glasgow
The Archaeology Department at the University of Glasgow was established 50 years ago this year. To mark this the department is holding a celebration of the work that the department has carried out over the last half century.
We will have workshops on ancient crafts and skills as well as modern excavation and survey techniques. Alongside this there will be displays of artefacts from the universities Hunterian museum as well as displays of past finds and excavations carried out by the department.
There will also be cake. :face-approve:
This sounds really fun, wish I could go Sad
Shame I won't be able to take time off work to go....
I'll mention it to my old man, he lectured archaeology at Glasgow Uni for many years - it'll make him feel very old!
I'll be with you in spirit! My body will be at work just on the other side of the Clyde though...
So... so far nobody on here is going? :face-huh: