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Full Version: Community Archaeology Survey
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I would be very grateful if anybody who has worked in archaeology would fill in my survey. It is for an assignment for my MA in Heritage Management but I’m also hoping that it might help me professionally (I do work for a commercial unit, be warned).‏

Hayley, Your link doesn't work. Is it because I is a C*ns*lt*nt?.
hmm, sorry. It works for me, although if you've started to fill it in, and then left, it won't let you back.
I'll try and find out what the problem is, several other people have managed it so far,

Thanks for trying though
Your link takes me straight to this...

...and the main page, can't see a survey, but would like to fill it in. :face-approve:
it seems to add some extra characters... but even if I copy and paste the link I am like Gilrean... can you post the link again
I don't really understand why this is not working, 15 people have managed to follow the link. I've tried setting it up again. Let me know if this one works, if notI'll have to think of another way, back to snail mail perhaps!
The new link worked ok for me.
Yes, that works now, it's a different link from the first one.
Yup works and done