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Full Version: BAJR Rates for 2011 - 2012
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We have now had a chance to see how the year is panning out and although perhaps not perfect, it could be worse.

BAJR Pay and Conditions Request for 2011/2012 includes a suggested [B]2%[/B] increase. Not a lot.. and many will have already be paying more anyway , however, given the IfA Benchmarking took place in 2007 and it is now 2011, with no serious or substantive increase relating to the findings, it will be counter productive to continue to stand still -

Indeed it could be argued that this represents a pay cut in real terms (given the 4.4% CPI )

My main reason for this was to push the Diggers wage over the 300 mark, which is more symbolic than anything.
Put is this way... if a company can't afford an extra 5 quid a week for a digger then that's not much to be operating on as a reserve.

Of course, as ever it is not for me to set rates of pay and companies will either accept the small rise to already small rates or not. I am once more willing to put myself and my living on the line for what I believe in.

The new rates for companies that wish to advertise on BAJR is as follows

G1 : Training Position) ?14,462.33 (?278.11 pw)
G2 : (ie Basic Site Assistant) ?15,704.64 (?302.01 pw)
G3 : (ie Site Assistant 2 or Technical 1 ?16,762.26 (?322.36 pw)
G 3/4 : (ie Senior Site Assistant or Technical 1 or Junior Supervisor ) ?17,523.82 (?337.00 pw)
G4 : (ie Technical 2 or Supervisor )?18,292.00 (?351.77 pw)
G 4/5 : (ie Senior Technical / Supervisor / Junior Project Officer ) ?19,669.86 (?378.26pw)
G 5 : (ie Specialist 1, or Project Officer SMR Asst. ?20,914.57
G 5/6 : (ie Senior Specialist, SMR post and Project Officer or Junior Manager) ?23,685.72
G 6 : (ie Specialist 2, Senior SMR Post or Project Manager)?26,269.77
G 7 : (ie Directorial and Senior Management) ?33,846.96+

The entire list of companies on BAJR (261) were canvassed about this rate, and so far only three have replied in a negative way. I do sympathise with the current situation, but remind them - to retain staff, you can't keep cutting.