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Full Version: 'Neighbourhood' planning powers to be trialled
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Ah, I see, Moreno. You seem to have pretty much got the lot there! But you're an archaeologist - how can you afford to live somewhere that nice?Smile
Uhm, luck I guess, although the village is now down to 1 archaeologist Wink The Heath where the house is, is well known in the area for containing Saxon graves. Excavations were conducted at the Heath back in the late 19th century/early 20th.
Quote:What does “localism” really consist of and mean as a policy?
Some pertinent information regarding the Localism Bill is available through the Heritage Alliance:

The Heritage Alliance in conjuction with English Heritage are seeking to establish a role for a Parliamentary Liason Officer to liaise on the Localism Bill as it moves through pre-legislative scrutiny.
I've started another thread containing some notes from the recent RESCUE open discussion with Andy Brockman that Moreno and I attended. They may be of some relevance.
I was under the impression that all exisiing planning regs like PPS5 were to be included in the ConDem plans to bugger up the planning system...
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