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Full Version: Wot's Happened to the Forum
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a secret job list? where? where? Let me at em!
Being a bear of limited brain I find it quite difficult to track down the jobs too. Used to be nice and simple click on a link, now I have to hunt for a forum title and work my way through the links it gives.

Any chance we could have a direct llink back - pretty please?
nah Deadly, it's an initiative test. If you can find the jobs you can have one :p
HARUMPH! I want to play too!
BAJR Wrote:Fear not invisible. They appear in this section as they happen. I could pop them back into a separate section, but so few people were looking (more do now) that it all became part of the minimisation. over 2500 people look at jobs on the main site... compared to 30 ish here.

Now I'm totally confused. What main site? I thought this was it!
Join the club invisible man...when you DO find the jobs the "old" site appears. certainly here!
Jack Wrote:Thats not a cursus................its a space station


The d**n great bank up the middle could be why it couldn't take off again?}Smile

[yes I know that makes it a bank barrow, before any clever-dick replies....]
Oh good grief Smile


Main site is BAJR

but on this site BAJR FEd, the jobs automaticly appear on this very forum.. Site Hut. but just for the old and confused... I may add back the Jobs Forum Smile

How does that sound?
Ah, right, thank you!

Now, where did I put my biscuits?
Tried down the back of the sofa!?
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