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BAJR has kindly posted the details (below) in another thread (Open letter on Cuts and workin together; #36).

Venue: Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 6ND
Time: Saturday 2nd April 2.00pm onwards (our AGM is from 1.00pm to 2.00pm)

From the Rescue website: "The AGM will be followed by an Open Forum for members to discuss with the Council current issues in archaeology and heritage, and the future direction of RESCUE. Admission to both events is free and both members and none(sic)-members are welcome to attend."

Do any BAJRites plan on attending the Open Forum segment of the meeting?
I'm thinking about it if I can sort the logistics out.......
GPStone Wrote:I'm thinking about it if I can sort the logistics out.......

Where are you travelling from?
If I can arrange the time, about ten minutes away from the Surrey History Centre (I have conveniently located parents). Are you thinking of going too?
Ah, lucky you! Yes, I am thinking of going. I'm in the Oxford area so I'll be driving down. It's about an hour and a half drive. I was going to offer a lift to those in this area (or near proximity) wishing to attend. I have room for 4 (and myself). I think it's a good opportunity to hear what people have to say and potentially have some input.
Agreed. Are you attending the RESCUE AGM beforehand?
I suppose it would be a good idea. Yes, can do. I'll just leave for the meeting a bit earlier.
Thanks for the correction.


This has details of directions to Surrey History Centre.

If your interested in attending the Rescue meeting and need a lift, I'll be leaving the west Oxfordshire (Witney-ish) area at 11am for the AGM meeting at 1pm. If someone does need a lift, I can leave earlier and would be willing to provide transport from Oxford (train station), Abingdon (Bus stops-Stert Street) and Didcot (train station). If time permits, I can swing by the Reading station. Contact me via PM to make arrangements.
moreno - can't go, but I have sent you a PM
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