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archaeology - armchair timetravel for mortals like us
I like reading these forum threads in the afternoon - gets the brain going after the tea starts to wear off.

In terms of why archaeology matters: there is an economic argument that is set out from time to time; there is a social argument that relates to well-being, identity, respect and community; there is an academic argument - archaeology is 'good to think' and a good context for learning in general; and uncovering the past is exciting and fun

In terms of being pithy, I was wondering how another discipline might answer the question - e.g. architecture, medicine, anthropology, literature, physics? One of the positive things about archaeology is that it touches on lots of other aspects, and while that makes it harder to justify in a sentence, I think it taps into much broader questions about being human that can be celebrated.

Why does archaeology matter?

Our shared heritage is a finite resource.

Archaeology holds an important place within the social milieu, providing a great deal of community and economic value. Archaeology is a shared understanding that informs on our past and provides an anchor to our social and national heritage.

We are rooted in the past.

Archaeology provides a means of discovery, holding the potential for us to learn a great deal about who we once were. As a result, we can better understand who we are now. Join us in managing the heritage of Britain.

Our shared heritage is a legacy of the past and a legacy for the future.

Feel free to add to this, borrow ignore etc....
nice one moreno - i would like to add

Who do we think we are? Archaeology matters now
My wife came up with,

"To inspire the future, you have to respect/understand the past"

I like the armchair timetraveller idea, myself. Its both inspirational and captivating yet relevant....and pithy! And can be linked up with some interesting graphics. I'm awaiting red-wine time to gain some inspiration!

I can't decide whether to look at this as an exercise in selling archaeology and so try and see it through the eyes of a non-archaeologist, or to stop theorising and concentrate on short, sharp and pithy. At this particular minute I'm thinking of a front-end statement that attracts attention (short, sharp, pithy and graphic - P Prentice stylee) drawing in to a mission statement along the lines of Moreno's and an 'About' page which outlines the broader purpose and socio-economic-academic-politico background, similar to Andy Brockman's musings.

Still need the wine though......
Archaeology - the real Timelords.
Archaeology - Discover yourself.
Archaeology - you can't lose your past.

now for some wine myself. :face-approve:
BAJR, I'm liking the short, sharp and verve-tastic

This has been such a mental exercise that being so close to this one misses out on the bigger picture. GPStone (and others!) makes some very good points regarding who our market is and how we might go about achieving a broad base of support. And yeah, PPrentice I'm liking the armchair time traveller!
Archaeology : Use it or loose it

An oldie but still hits the MarkBig Grin. More wine needed
The Past made us: archaeology shows us.

Sorry, I'm not very good at thinking of witty one liners.
Twenty Twelve on BBC4 tonight might come up with something for us. The plotline is "Roman remains of national significance are discovered on the site of the Aquatics Centre, forcing the team to make last-minute modifications to the design of the building." 2012 is the spoof documentary about the team organising the Olympics. It stars Hugh Bonneville of Bonekickers fame! Smile
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