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From Spain, comes this new journal, which is pretty damn good, going in the same direction as Past Horizons and BAJR

Free to view it is worth reading, and interesting in the positive nature of the thoughts. Untainted by old lag syndrome, they are seeing what is possible, imagining archaeology as a public resource from the start, rather than as something to be done out of some sad sighing duty. Anyway. Read on, and give us your thoughts. I loved the Bravilian article and want to be a Pronapian now!

Editorial. The beginning of a new experience
Jaime Almansa S?nchez
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?Hola! Me llamo Arminda... ?y t??
Carmen Gloria Rodr?guez Santana and Tom?s Correa Guimer?

Forty years of ?Archaeology for children?
Sergio Montero Torres and Nicholas M?rquez-Grant

Outreach and Education in Archaeology
Amanda Erickson

Archaeology Time with Miss Jessica
Jessica Sutherland

Watching video games
Daniel Garc?a-Raso

PoY. Brazilian Archaeology and the Pronapian's feeling
Marlon Borges Pestana

Review. The transforming ethical practice in Philippine archaeology
Dru McGill

i dont know what exactly i have done yet either - but i wll read this excellent journal