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Full Version: Exeter Archaeology to Close
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Thats a shame, enjoyed working there many moons ago, good outfit Sad
Again it is another council unit. So you can see the trend... and of course the university units.
It is not too late to save any of them. And perhaps we may look back and regret this... or perhaps they will go on to success outside the council. I certainly hope so.

here is another report

Whatever happens a new era is upon us.

All the best to those at Exeter. We can only wish you the best.. The writing was on the wall back in 2009
surely an opening for metro mawler - or units charithief - or (ad your conspiricy here......)
I can only say the same Dinosaur... I used to work there many moons ago and enjoyed my time there. Shame
OMG is there only ULAS left now ????????????
monty Wrote:OMG is there only ULAS left now ????????????

Shhhhh! West Yorkshire (AS-WYAS) is still hanging on in there.

apparently does better than fishing
Well, the Suffolk CC unit is still here - but not for much longer?
who got any/all the assets?

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